Attract - Connect - EngageNot long ago, promoting your business on the Internet was as simple as putting up a website.  Sort of the “If you build it, they will find you” approach.  Then you could grab visitors by simply optimizing your website for Search Engines and letting them do the job.  Now a more holistic approach is needed that puts your message in front of prospects, where they are, and attracts them to your site where you can connect with them and engage them with your company for long term business.  To assist our clients through this process, we have developed the ACE system.

Attract the RIGHT Prospects


Having lots of visitors to your website, while possibly appealing to your ego, doesn’t really pay the bills.  Visitors who turn into customers, however, that’s the ticket!   It is a lot easier to make a sale when you are “speaking” to a prospect who needs your product or service.  In today’s world of massive data, this is becoming easier and easier.  Your prospects are broadcasting their interests throughout social media.  When you use social media sites to leverage your online message, you can draw those targeted prospects to your site.  Then it’s a rather simple process to show them what you have is what they want.

Using current best practices, our Online Promotion and Social Media Specialists leverage your current online sphere of influence to attract these prospects to your site.Social Media Strategies

You have staff who can handle the ongoing process?  That’s fantastic!  Our folks can point your folks in the right direction so that they don’t waste valuable time and resources on strategies that don’t work.

You would like a “done for you solution”?  No problem, our team can be as involved as you need.

Connect to Turn Prospects into Clients


Once you attract the prospects to your site, you have just seconds to connect with them so that they “stay”.  It is imperative that you offer them a clean, focused path to buy from you.  From simple things like including a specific “Call to Action” on your home page, to more direct online purchasing, you want to control the visitor’s experience so that you can walk them through your process.

Today, people access the Internet through multiple platforms, websites, smartphones, tablets, etc.  Your site must be flexible enough that no matter how they see your site, they are drawn to you.

Looks good on all devicesAccording to a Google study, 71% of smartphone users who see ads do a mobile search to get more information.  If they can’t find what they are looking for on your site, 40% will turn to a competitor’s site rather than switch to a desktop computer and 57% won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

You need to meet them where they are!  Using the ultimately flexible WordPress platform, our Website Development Team can build stunning and responsive (changes for different platforms) websites that draw in your prospects and make them want to buy.  All of our websites are Mobile Friendly and if you want a site that is truly customized for mobile platforms, we can do that too!

Engage Your Customers


Today’s buyer tends to be rather fickle.  It is so easy to find new suppliers for commodities.  That is why the most successful businesses develop an ongoing relationship with their clients so that their service or product is not seen as a commodity.  Engagement is the key to long term success.

Whether you implement a simple Email Marketing program with which you send your clients information they can use or create a full Membership Site where they can interact with you and other clients on a ongoing basis, you are building yourself to be the trusted expert they need.  Many consultants and coaches are offering Online Courses to engage their clients and provide services when and where their clients want them.

Custom Apps for Your BusinessThe newest and most rapidly growing engagement tool is the custom app.  Your business can have its own app for iPhones and Android phones that allows you to send very targeted specials, discounts and news to your customers. You can create a loyalty/rewards program to keep them coming back and to encourage them to refer you to their friends.

Using the Map of Your Online Sphere, our team is ready to work with you to develop the BEST Online Promotion System for your business.

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